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Welcome to A b y s s
Rating | 18+
Abyss was originally created in 2003 on MSN Groups. It was rebooted and has been active since July 2013. It is a supernatural creature, modern fantasy RPG that takes place in a fictional Northwest US Coast city.

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May 6th, 2018 - Hi Nerds! Not a whole lot of updates going on. The Haunting is still open, check out the link in the pinned announcement for more info if you're interested. Have a character that is looking a bit dusty? Give it a try!

Also the May Activity Check will be closing at the end of the day tomorrow, May 7th. Make sure you check in!


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For as long as humans have been telling stories, there have been the legends of creatures that rule the night. But that's all they ever were; just stories. They lived in their own personal bliss, unaware of the supernatural conglomeration teeming beneath their feet, pulling strings and furthering their faith in the unknown or inexplicable. Without their knowledge, the supernaturals ruled the world with the humans as their puppets. Of course, as with any other power-hungry faction, soon came a time when they were tired of not getting the credit or recognition they deserved. The world was a terrible place, and they just needed to rule it.

On Christmas Eve of 2009, families sat together in living rooms, fire places crackling merrily. Some trudged through snow to evening service at their churches. It was this night the supernaturals decided to rise. Werewolves tore into homes and ripped children from their parents' arms amid screams. Vampires locked church doors and set them ablaze. The world, in the span of one day, was thrown into absolute chaos.

After the initial uprising, it wasn't long before the supernaturals discovered something they secretly feared: Humans were more valuable than they had originally imagined. Vampires starved with most humans forced into hiding. Certain werewolf guilds determined that humans that have been turned were more beneficial than those born into the species. These concerns, coupled with protesting from human sympathizers of all species, caused the supernaturals to reconsider their complete rule of the world.

It has been over seven years since the attack on the humans and supernatural creatures made themselves known. A tense but tolerable peace treaty has been formed between the humans and, well, everyone else. Humans have been able to return to fairly normal, albeit slightly more dangerous lives, as the chances of being attacked based on their species, or even kidnapped and sold into vampiric slavery have drastically risen.

Dog fighting rings have erupted around Tyson City lately. Not just any dogs, either, specifically werewolves are hunted, captured, and brought to the fights. When word of the fighting gets to Givon Sky Aster, Alpha male of the Guild of Artemis, he and his second in command, Evelyn Adams, make the decision to find out where the remaining rings are.

As luck would have it, during a goods trade with the humans, After intense interrogation, Givon and Evelyn discover the main rings' locations: The basement of Club Gothika.

With the disappearance of Sekhmet, Givon makes the decision send in an undercover wolf and other creature as a 'handler' to infiltrate the Club and find out the extent of the rings and work to bring them down. He gives Evelyn the task of hiring a lone wolf, one not tied to a pack, to play the 'captured wolf', leaving himself in charge of finding someone to play handler. Before he gets a chance to do so, the wolf hired by Evelyn, Peter Volk, has enlisted the help of a sorcerer, Jon Constantine, and they dive head first into the club themselves.

After hearing no word back from Peter for almost a week, Givon decides the original men he had hired, the Shankhill Butchers, will go into the Club, retrieve what is his, and decide what to do from there.

The Shankhill Butchers get into the club, posing as handlers of a new werewolf. They find their prize, but after some strange instances with Marcus' behavior, the plan takes a more violent turn. The brothers set the pit ablaze, and along with the wolf and a straggling human, escape the confines of Club Gothika's basement. It seems that August's newest form of entertainment has been snuffed out. For now.

Evelyn, for the sake of the pack and reinforcing their place in Tyson City, convinces Givon to marry in order to unite and ally with another pack. As he accepts, Evelyn informs him of a pack she already has connections with: The Guild of Broke Ashes. Within a matter of days, the arrangements are made, and Givon Sky Aster became the fiancé of Victoria Hamilton, the lone daughter of Rex Hamilton.

Tori and Rupert arrive in Tyson City. Not without incident, but they eventually meet up with Evelyn, who escorts them to The Moonlight Grotto, home base of the Guild of Artemis. In the mean time, however, Givon had decided to slip out into the city for the night. He settles on a handle of liquor and a movie, preparing himself for a good night. However, he is interrupted by another patron, his fiancée. Although the pair never reveal their identities to each other, they enjoy their time at the movie together and part ways.

They throw a party in order to welcome the Hamiltons to the Moonlight Grotto, and also to finally introduce Givon and Tori to each other. Once they shrug off the serendipity of their encounter before, the two get into trouble with drugs and alcohol, and decide to go on a run. Things get out of control quickly, as vampire intruders are discovered on the property. Givon transforms to scare them off, but finds himself going berserk and attacking Tori. Evelyn is finally able to sedate him, making the decision to separate the pair before the actual wedding.

The day of the wedding arrives, and Givon finds himself recovering from a wild night as a bachelor with Tori's brother Rupert. The ceremony goes well and everyone has a good time, save for the drama between Evelyn and Eleanor Hamilton. Finally, the pageantry was over, and the newly weds were able to retreat in peace to the Moonlight Grotto.


A doctor arrives in Tyson City, and he seems too good to be true. Charming, passionate, polite, and armed with a surgical arm and a PhD, Solomon St. James soon climbed the ranks of Tyson City General as one of the most promising doctors. A patient comes into the hospital, only to be followed in by a gang of werewolves. Quick on his feet, Solomon subdues them and takes them back into a room for questioning. He tries something experimental on one of the werewolves, which kills him almost immediately with horrific results. The two other parties in the vicinity are sworn to secrecy as they dispose of the bodies.

Suspicions of a mad scientist, who used his patients as test subjects, begin to circulate around Tyson City. There is no hard proof linking it to Solomon, however, and people continue to disappear off the streets, species disregarded. An old friend comes to find Solomon at the hospital, hoping to help him find their 'baby', one of their first successful experiments that escaped years ago, when supernaturals first rose.


With the arrival of vampires, humans feared for their lives. As some humans were taken as slaves, however, an alternate effect was discovered. Similar to recreational drugs, vampire blood, when consumed by a human without the intent of transformation, gives a 'high' that has been likened to being as addictive as cocaine. While this hasn't quite picked up in the media, several residents of Tyson City have been showing symptoms of withdrawal, even growing more aggressive in trying to satiate their addiction. How long until the humans get desperate enough to start harvesting vampires in cruel irony?