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Welcome to A b y s s
Rating | 18+
Abyss was originally created in 2003 on MSN Groups. It was rebooted and has been active since July 2013. It is a supernatural creature, modern fantasy RPG that takes place in a fictional Northwest US Coast city.

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May 6th, 2018 - Hi Nerds! Not a whole lot of updates going on. The Haunting is still open, check out the link in the pinned announcement for more info if you're interested. Have a character that is looking a bit dusty? Give it a try!

Also the May Activity Check will be closing at the end of the day tomorrow, May 7th. Make sure you check in!


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The factions of the world are scattered about in a primarily unorganized manner. Each faction has had a tendency to go to war with the others, whole heartedly knowing that if they formed alliances they would be more powerful. Regardless, the factions each have their own particular goals in mind, and whether they decide to form alliances or tear each other apart is completely up to their leaders.

If you are interested in joining or creating a faction, visit our Factions Board for more information. Click on the name of each faction to learn more about them.

Name:Palast der Dunkelheit,formally Tyson City Vampires (click link for more info)
Leader: August
Second in Command:**OPEN**
Headquarters: The Obelisk Hotel
Notable Businesses: Club Gothic and Obelisk hotel
Brief Description: The Vampire community, which is set across the country, is separated by several districts lead by vampires that call themselves Sheriffs. They have all agreed to follow the laws delegated by the councilmen and women of Palast der Dunkelheit.
Name: The Guild of Artemis
Leader: Givon Sky Aster
Second in Command: Evelyn Adams
Headquarters: The Moonlight Grotto (exact location unknown)
Notable Businesses: Tyson Times
Brief Description: This werewolf pack resides just outside of Tyson City, though their influence is evident closer into town. While the pack originally aided the Tyson City Vampires in overthrowing the humans and rising to power, relations between the two have been tense, as the werewolves have felt that the vampires treat them as second-class.

Name: The Guild of Broken Ashes, followers of the Teachings of Lucian
Leader: Rex "Marius" Hamilton
Second in Command: **OPEN**
Headquarters: Unknown
Notable Businesses:
Brief Description: A branch of wolves that closely follow the Teachings of Lucian, also known as "The Old Code."

Name: The Capital Vices
Leader: Raja aka "Lust"
Second in Command: Mercedes Baxter aka "Pride"
Headquarters: None
Notable Businesses: None
Brief Description: Not a lot is known about the Capital Vices. It is rumored that the demonic incarnations of each sin takes over a host to spread their respective sin amongst the populace. Typically, humans have been possessed, though that's not saying a supernatural creature couldn't fall victim to it.
Name: The Crimson Serpents
Leader: Skull Khentempri
Second in Command:**OPEN**
Headquarters: Unknown
Notable Businesses: The Gagged Imp
Brief Description:Many have heard of the Crimson Serpents. The rich whisper of blood magic, wealth, and unholy pacts made amongst members, while the poor tell rumors of violent crimes, drugs, and prostitution. While The Crimson Serpents are indeed well known and feared, the exact identity of members and what the group actually is remains cloaked in mystery.

Name: The Cradle of Dehli
Leader: Angalee Joshi
Second in Command:**OPEN**
Headquarters: Pine Grove Cemetery
Notable Businesses: None
Brief Description:Cradle of Dehli serves as simply a place and time for sorcerers, male and female, to gather. They assist each other in particular group rituals, spells, potion making or hexes. They also strive to educate each other, and to strengthen their bonds not only with each other, but with the magic in their blood.