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Rating | 18+
Abyss was originally created in 2003 on MSN Groups. It was rebooted and has been active since July 2013. It is a supernatural creature, modern fantasy RPG that takes place in a fictional Northwest US Coast city.

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May 6th, 2018 - Hi Nerds! Not a whole lot of updates going on. The Haunting is still open, check out the link in the pinned announcement for more info if you're interested. Have a character that is looking a bit dusty? Give it a try!

Also the May Activity Check will be closing at the end of the day tomorrow, May 7th. Make sure you check in!


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The legend of the vampire has been around for centuries. At first perceived as demons and mythological creatures, the modern idea of a 'vampire' didn't come around until the mid 1800's. Bram Stoker, the famed author of the book Dracula, encountered what many consider the 'King' of vampires. But really, he was just a vampire who got sloppy and let himself be known. Since then, the idea of the vampire has prevailed as one of the top horror entities.

Vampires are essentially parasitic creatures, requiring the blood of another for sustenance. With humans being the weakest in most cities, they are the primary prey. Vampires in this way can also transform humans into their own by having the human ingest the blood of the vampire. Since vampires are essentially the undead, they are unable to reproduce, and this is the only way to increase their ranks.

Blood Dolls: Vampires can create slaves from those they choose to share their blood with but may not necessarily change into a vampire. These Blood Dolls mainly serve the purpose of providing a vampire with a constant and clean source of sustenance, although it is common for a vampire to become attached and very protective of their blood doll.

Super Human Strength: The vampire is stronger than the average human. Things like punches can send enemies flying across the room, and if a vampire's nails are sharp enough, they can puncture a chest cavity and rip out a heart with ease.

Super Human Speed: Vampires are fast. Very fast. They can appear as just a blur as they move, and sometimes can even appear to teleport immediately.

Immortality and Regeneration: While the general prevailing theory on vampires is that they are the living dead, and thus immortal, the ability for them to regenerate and heal is still a mystery. But the fact is that vampires, unless special actions are taken while attacking them, can regenerate.

Generations: Vampires that belong to older generations or blood lines are more powerful than those who are created from a more "watered down" bloodline. Their blood is more potent and any species that consumes an older vampires blood is more likely to become addicted.


Fire: Fire is one natural element that can create complete destruction in it's wake. The chemical reaction can char any material beyond recognition, leaving only ash in it's wake. Even vampires can't escape this force, and it is one of their few weaknesses.

Sunlight: Due to the hypersensitivity of their skin in their undead state, the sunlight can cause severe burning on vampires. When exposed over a certain period of time (the age of the vampire determining) this can cause the vampire to burst into flames. (See above)

Attacks to the heart: The original trope was that a good ol' stake through the heart would take a vampire down. Time has shown that it's not only a wooden stake piercing the heart of a vampire will destroy them. Things like knives, poles, thick branches, whatever is capable and strong enough to pierce skin can be enough to kill a vampire if struck through the heart. It's just a matter of getting that close.

In Death...: When a vampire is vanquished, they experience rapid decomposition. Depending on the age of the vampire, they either burst into a bloody mess or a cloud of dust.

Current Vampiric Factions
-Palast der Dunkelheit

The notoriety of the werewolf arose around the same time as that of witches, to explain the unexplainable and be able to place a blame on someone, or something, in order to calm the masses. Often represented as creatures hunting the cattle and sheep of a rancher, werewolves were also subject to witch hunt-like trials, resulting in few actual werewolf deaths, but many civilian deaths.

These shape shifters are specific to one animal: The wolf. In addition to being able to change into a wolf, werewolves also have a 'Lycan' form that is a mixture between human and wolf, that is more powerful. All shapes can be changed to at will, though on a full moon they MUST take on their wolf form. Excessive time in the Lycan form can lead to a berserker insanity. While werewolves that have been transformed will experience immortality, ones that are born to werewolf parents will age, though they will have a slowed aging process once they mature. To change a human into a werewolf, the saliva of a werewolf must enter the bloodstream of the human, and the human must survive. If the human is killed during the attempted transformation, they can not be brought back.

Super Human Strength: Werewolves are typically pure muscle, and it might have to do with a high protein diet. Especially in the Lycan form, they have strength to be reckoned with.
Advanced Senses: The werewolf's senses of hearing, smell and sight are heightened to that even more powerful than other canines. From sometimes a mile away, a werewolf can catch hints of a person's scent. Their eyes can see well in the dark, and they can hear higher frequencies than typical humans, rivaling that of dogs.
Shape Shifting: Werewolves have three forms they can shift from freely: Human, Lycan, and Wolf. The human and wolf forms are basic enough, taking on the respective attributes, but the Lycan form is a massive brute of pure muscle. If a werewolf spends too much time in the Lycan form, they can begin to lose all sense of sanity. The wolf form communicates through telepathic connections to other wolves. They can also communicate this way with werewolves in human form, but cannot communicate to other species while in Wolf form telepathically.
Immortality/Prolonged Aging: If a werewolf has been transformed from a human, they are immortal. This has been seen as a 'curse' throughout history. But, if two werewolves breed and have offspring, the offspring will possess the same powers, but have an extended life span ranging up to hundreds of years instead of immortality. Due to the long life span, few werewolves have actually witnessed their offspring passing away from old age. They are typically killed before then.

Silver: In what is assumed as a chemical reaction with a werewolf's blood, if silver enters the bloodstream, this will result in severe damage to afflicted organs. Likewise, if the major organs required for functioning life are damaged by silver, the werewolf will likely die. Contact with silver on the skin will cause burns and pain, but nothing lethal.
Forced Transformation: Around the times of the full moon, werewolves are forced to go on 'runs' in their wolf forms. The animalistic desires around this time are too much for a werewolf to resist, and at this moment, he is purely an animal. Some theories indicate this may be more hormone and cycle related than actually pertaining to the moon's phases.
'Berserker': When a werewolf goes into his Lycan form for fighting, he may only remain in it for an hour at most before he begins to lose control of himself. The violent blood of the wolf monster begins to infect that of the werewolf, and he goes into an uncontrollable rage mode. The only way to pull him out of the berserk mode is to defeat him via death or submission to trigger a transformation back.

Current Lycanthrope Factions
-The Guild of Artemis
-The Guild of Broken Ashes

Humans have been some of the most resilient beings of all. They always found a way to survive, to fight against the odds and win. But this one time, they had met their match. Currently humans live in strained peace with the supernatural creatures. They have no specific powers or weaknesses.

Current Human Factions: N/A

Humans with magical powers have been around for ages, though most have been demonized, hunted and killed. Sorcerers are beings who typically have had someone in previous generations make a deal with a demon to gain magical power, superb knowledge, and extended life span. But, as with all deals, once the sorcerer dies, they are banished to hell for eternity. This hasn't seemed to stop many magical families from reproducing and passing on their magical powers to others. Sometimes the power only occasionally transfers through generation, other times it only goes through certain genders.

Extended Life: Sorcerers have prolonged lifespan, though are not immortal. A typical sorcerer will live until about 200.
Healing: While not particularly immediately, sorcerers are able to withstand more damage taken to the body. They won't survive being shot through the heart or in the face, but significant blood loss or falling from high places won't kill them either. They will heal on their own, though they tend to use magic to speed up the process.
Magic: The obvious one, sorcerers have the ability to use magic, including casting spells, conjuring demons and hexing.
Heart Control: A strange power, Heart Control involves taking the literal heart outside of a host and controlling it. While it still beats, the owner of the heart still lives, but is now under the power of whoever wields it. They can choose to make the user bend at their will, or just hold them constantly at their mercy.

Holy Relics: As they have demonic influence in their blood, sorcerers are susceptible to the same weaknesses as demons, though not to as much of an extent. They can venture inside churches, though it does give them an uneasy sensation, and holy water will burn, but not as terribly as a demon.
Damnation: Sorcerers, once they die, are banished to Hell for eternity. Some can convince the demons to let them come back as a demon them self, but this hardly ever goes through.

Current Magical Factions:
The Cradle of Dehli

Angels originally came down to aid in humans after the Supernatural conquering. They above all else believe in truth, justice, righteousness and the Word of God. Trying to convince them otherwise could result in a dangerous confrontation. Angels are also seen as guardians and intermediaries between Heaven and Earth. They are the epitome of good in the world.

Hierarchy of Angels

...rule Heaven above. They are the highest tier and most powerful of angels created by God to watch over his newest creation; Man. The Archangel is assigned a particular influence to help out mankind. Each possess a holy weapon or tool gifted to them from the Creator that helps them accomplish their inherited tasks.There are only 7 archangels in existence.

...are spirits of deceased Mankind. They primarily act as guardian angels for particular humans or come together to fight off demons. They possess the same main powers as Archangels but to a lesser degree. They are not held to the same standard as Archangels but can be banished by them if the Heavens see fit to punish them, rendering them spirits in the literal sense, only able to possess living souls which is greatly frowned upon.

Specific Abilities:

Flight: Angels have wings that can be used for flight. The wings can be hidden from the naked eye, as well as folded up against their back or extended.

Healing: Angels are permitted to use their heavenly powers to heal not only themselves but others. The duration and extent of the healing depends on the age and power of the angel. The longer the deceased has been an angel, the stronger their healing.

Telepathy: Angels can project and receive thoughts of the living. Prayers are communicated and answered in this way. Angels minds cannot be penetrated unless they allow it and in turn cannot freely read minds that haven't specifically called them.


Mortal Temptation: Angels are particularly susceptible to the 7 deadly sins while in their physical forms on Earth. As they are typically not exposed to the sins, it is easy to subjugate an angel with one of the 7. This leads to temporary corruption and damage to their angelic souls.

Mortal Weakness: Angels in their physical forms on Earth are subject to the same mortality of humans, taking damage to a lesser extent than humans. Their healing that keeps them alive on Earth. If their physical body is destroyed by ordinary means, their souls are released back to Heaven.

Soul-Eating: A heinous practice among powerful demons or other species. When an angel is weakened enough by temptation of the 7 Deadly Sins they are vulnerable to having their souls extracted and eaten by demons (mainly because they possess the means to remove an angel's holy soul, other species may attempt the same). The consumer is granted temporary heightened powers, immunity against holy relics and areas, and a hyper sense of euphoria. An archangels soul grants even more power but can only be consumed in smaller doses, and kills the one who attempts to devour the soul completely. The consumption of an angel's soul is very addictive and can lead to obsessive hunts to curb the newfound hunger.

Death: If an angel's soul is completely devoured or destroyed (by unholy objects or curses) they do not return to any plane of existence. Their soul has been destroyed and no longer exists.

Current Angelic Factions:

A very broad definition, demons can vary from incubi and succubi to body snatchers and dream eaters. Primarily hailing from the bowels of Hell itself, these creatures decided that life on Earth was much too fun to surpass. Demons have cropped up in almost every religious text or story as a figure to be conquered. Each specific demon has it's own set of weaknesses and powers determined by the player.

Holy Objects: Demons cannot come in contact with any holy or blessed objects. This includes stepping inside a church, touching crosses, or being drenched in holy water. This will result in excessive burning until death.
Possession: Both a weakness and a power. Demons are parasitic and can only survive with a host body, typically humans as they are the easiest to take over.

Current Demonic Factions:
Crimson Serpents (not limited to only demons)
The Capitol Vices

Wraiths are cursed creatures, neither alive or dead, stuck in a sort of limbo between the worlds of the living and dead. They are agents of Sloth and present powers that are similar to the Sin's own.


They are created by having their souls removed by enchanted objects that also end up containing the souls. Any item or weapon can be enchanted to hold the soul of a Wraith. Each enchanted object can only contain the one soul that is bound to it. A ritual is performed to enchant the object and then the last piece to complete the spell is to obtain the blood of the individual to bind them to the object. Weapons are more practical to use "on the go" but are more difficult to enchant. These types of vessels are rare.

A Wraith can't be controlled directly by the item that contains their soul but it can be use as leverage against them. If the object is destroyed, the wraith is destroyed. It is unknown whether there is way to return the soul to the body (most too far gone anyway) so they generally possess the object that holds their soul and are very protective of it.


Newly created Wraiths maintain their normal appearance, except for an ashen look to their skin and whatever markings appear from their transformation (unique to each Wraith depending on the enchantments and object that cursed them). They naturally shy away from bright lights, especially sunlight, and while only appear translucent in artificial light, can completely disappear in the sunlight. Although it can be advantageous to be invisible, it will eventually take its toll on a Wraith, the disembodied feeling drives them into a frenzy, seeking to latch on whatever life source may be nearby to anchor themselves in the physical world again. Eventually, as they continue to exist their appearance deteriorates along with their sense of humanity, appearing more and more ghost-like.

If a Wraith goes without feeding from souls for a prolonged amount of time they can fall into a hibernation state or lash out erratically to those who dare venture near them in order to replenish their energy. Their appearance reveals their true state of decay; any injuries that have been inflicted and have healed, even those from before their transformation will return in their weakened state. A Wraith won't die from this starvation but experience great suffering in this state to the point they wish they were dead.


They are immortal and cannot be destroyed by conventional means and are only incapacitated for however long it takes for them to heal, merely regenerating any lost limbs. Eating or sleeping can speed up the healing process but the easiest and fastest way to regain health is by taking it from others. This is the slippery slope that sends most Wraiths down a darker path of existence. They are greedy creatures by nature and are left as empty shells that crave life, going as far as to take it from the living around them.

They essentially suck the humanity from humans and leave the living in a coma or zombie-like state, voiding them of feeling purpose or meaning. When they come into physical contact with someone long enough, they can see into memories, even memories that may have repressed. Their eyes glow electric blue when tapping into these powers. Since they are between worlds they can see and interact easily with ghosts, or spirits that wander the earth due to unfinished business. 

Younger or newer Wraiths can only suck humanity out of people by direct skin to skin physical contact, leaving a black mark on the area with which they've come into contact. Eventually their powers increase, working by proximity instead of contact, and that range increases as their power grows. They can become powerful enough to affect groups of people at a time instead of just individuals. When it comes to stronger or older Wraiths feeding from many, the rate of absorption would be a little bit slower than if they were taking it from an individual. Depending on how much the Wraith wants to take from everyone, which given their general lack of self control, they would most likely empty everyone of their humanity.


Vampires and Werewolves maintain a civilized persona by retaining their humanity. This is what stops them from thinking all humans are walking meat and blood bags. Vampires and Werewolves are affected the same way humans are, but are left in a more feral than catatonic state suggested before for humans. They are left with nothing but the base instincts their undying class provides them, they become dangerous to everything and everyone around them, the only kindness you can show these creatures is to put them out of their misery.

Angels and Demons are on the far ends of the spectrum and aren't affected by a Wraiths powers. Demons may hang out with Wraiths or keep them as guardians/pets while the Angels presence/essence is too much for Wraiths to handle since they are more or less creatures of evil. Simply the purity of an angel would destroy them.


A fairy's healing power can reverse the affects of the Wraith on an individual because of the positive energy with which it's associated. So angels can also heal those who've been afflicted by Wraiths.