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Welcome to A b y s s
Rating | 18+
Abyss was originally created in 2003 on MSN Groups. It was rebooted and has been active since July 2013. It is a supernatural creature, modern fantasy RPG that takes place in a fictional Northwest US Coast city.

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May 6th, 2018 - Hi Nerds! Not a whole lot of updates going on. The Haunting is still open, check out the link in the pinned announcement for more info if you're interested. Have a character that is looking a bit dusty? Give it a try!

Also the May Activity Check will be closing at the end of the day tomorrow, May 7th. Make sure you check in!


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Downtown is the heart of Tyson City's nightlife. Home such notorious venues such as Club Gothika and The Gagged Imp, there is no shortage of trouble one can get into on the Downtown Strip. In addition to high end restaurants, clubs, cabarets, and brothels, smaller, lesser known dive bars have been known to thrive if one knows where to look. Be cautious, though. Downtown is notorious for crime, and with the cover of night and the nocturnal population, thieves, pickpockets, and gangs have much to work with.

Owner: August
Other Employees:

Club Gothika is the largest, and easily most popular, night club in Tyson City. Run by August, self-proclaimed King of Vampires and Tyson City, the club originally opened under the ownership of a vampiress only known as Sekhmet. Once her underling, when she mysteriously disappeared, August assumed her role as leader over the vampiric faction, and also the ownership of Club Gothika. Complete with a full sized bar, performance stage, tables, a dance floor and even private rooms, one could get away with murder within it's walls. It's not uncommon to find bouncers pulling bodies out of the private rooms at the end of the night.

Previously, in the easily overlooked basement, there was a fighting ring and dungeons for werewolves. Supernaturals would capture werewolves and sell them to August, who would them use them to fight each other for entertainment. Patrons were welcome to bet on the fights. The lower level, and part of the upper level, of the club was destroyed in a fire, notoriously set by The Shankhill Butchers, Kaio and Marcus Shankhill. Several of the now-deranged werewolves had escaped during the fire, and are said to still plague the streets of the city. Since then, Club Gothika has gone through extensive repairs and has reopened. There is no information on the current status of the basement dungeons or fighting rings.

Werewolves have been banned from the establishment, but all other supernaturals are welcome. No humans, unless accompanied by another supernatural creature.

Owner: Skull Khentempri
Employees: Krymsin, Angalee Joshi, Ellery Mayfair, Matthieu Beaulieu

This old church was converted to the carnal epitome of sin you can see today. With demons and demonesses that will cater to virtually any fetish or kink, this establishment hosts plenty of private rooms for those who wish to be more discrete. Most of the people who frequent The Gagged Imp are what society would deem the "freaks" and the "outcasts" of society, while at the same time, it is occasionally visited by the politicians who run the city, such as August. People of all supernatural and human backgrounds are welcome, but brawls between guests are quickly halted by the Bouncers and the participants thrown out for the night.

The entryway is lit by two medieval torches as a short flight of red stairs lead downward and opens up into the large main hall. The room is square-shaped, made out of stone floors covered with royal red carpets and black marble walls, and the lights are dim and red, leaving the ceiling area so dark that one cannot see the catwalk, let alone the top of the building. The whole building smells of leather and wine.

To the left, in the middle of the wall is the Bar, which is made out of the church's old pews. Booths with white lights hanging overhead line the wall around the bar. The bar is where people can order drinks and food, including "Devil's Blood", which is made from a mix of Saki and California Reapers--a hot snack. Between where the booths start and the bar sits is a door that looks like it belongs to a medieval cellar, leading back to the kitchen.

In the back of the main room sits a massive stage that stretches to the center of the room, a few feet away of the bar. A cluster of comfy, red, plush couches circle around the stage with a few coffee tables between them. Crimson silk curtains dangle in the threshold between the stage and the separate break room beyond, where the dancers lounge around between shows and keep their props. An arch in the wall--between the back of the stage and where the booths on that side of the bar end--leads down a well lit hallway containing three doors on each side, and an emergency exit at the end. These doors lead to dimly lit private rooms--or dungeons--where paying customers can get their pleasure and pain--after they sign a contract. The rooms smell of latex and leather under the scent of jasmine candles, and the faint trace of semen can be smelled on the floors under a heavy blanket of cleaning solution. Chains hang from the ceiling, and a plethora of sexy torture devices fill the shelves. Most rooms hold up to three couches surrounding one small stage containing a pole, all sitting on a masonic checkerboard floor. The door labeled "Exit" at the end of the hall leads to the alley out back, and only opens from the inside to the out.

It has been years since the subway cars actually ran along the underground tracks. Having fallen mostly into disrepair, the Subways have been up cycled to become a sort of black market that humans, and even some supernaturals, use. Everything from weapons, magical items, bounties and prostitutes can be bought somewhere in the Subways. A few of the stations have been turned into temporary housing. The Subways are also home to Dead End, a bar that is home to some of the filthiest of filth in Tyson City. Mercenaries, Hunters, and other 'for-hire' people will linger here, as it is a popular place to make arrangements for jobs.

The lucrative business district of Tyson City. Uptown is dotted with tall buildings, though none tall enough to warrant being called a skyscraper. The main street is dotted with coffee shops, ridiculously expensive apartments and condominiums, frozen yogurt, and breweries. The Tyson Times, owned partially by Givon Sky Aster, have their headquarters in this region and continue to operate as Tyson City's #1 news outlet, providing not only physical newspaper, but online reporting and streaming.

Employees: Ignatius Bloom, Ayla Morce

The hospital was one of the first places in Tyson City to accommodate for the arrival of Supernaturals. When several employees came forth as supernatural beings, a decision was made to expand the medicine practiced and provided to accommodate all beings. Politics have no place here, and you will often see a nurse save the life of a patient that is of a rival species or gang. The hospital welcomes patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The hospital recently expanded to an affiliated campus, Edgewater Asylum, that specializes in mental and psychological medicine, particularly in criminals. Solomon St. James relocated to that location and is now acting Medical Superintendent of the facility, overseeing all operations and treatments.

Employees: Arthur Hammond, Beth D'angiolini

Built in the late 1800s, the Tyson City Library has endured a surprisingly violent history. The city had always been a draw to the supernatural creatures that walked the earth, so naturally a library was established by the intellectual sort to collect tomes of unconventional nature. Rumors of such powerful and unholy relics reached the ears of those who were intrigued and those who feared them. The fearful sought to destroy the library and the evil it housed while rival covens bickered among themselves as to who these pages rightfully belonged. Time and again the library survived these frequent bouts regardless of severity. They say the building has ways of protecting itself and is part of the reason why it's stood for so long. No one knows who originally erected the massive establishment or what kind of charms or hexes are placed upon it. The most recent damage to actually penetrate the library was a fire that consumed the south wing, leaving it currently unavailable to library patrons.

Its chateauesque façade makes it an imposing figure at the top of the hill in Uptown with its stone exterior and towering spires. There is a small courtyard with a neglected fountain in the middle, that leads up to its large oaks doors fashioned with handles made of silver. The whole yard is overgrown due to years of neglect, giving the outside a look of abandonment. Inside is a very different story. The doors open up to a large open space with the circulation desk at the entrance. All along the east and west sides of the library are rows upon rows of books. The West contains traditional, non-magical books, while the east hold all magical and demonic literature. These books sit on the shelves but are each bound and locked with special keys the current librarian had procured, with the understanding how dangerous these books can be in the wrong hands.

A hotel run by the Tyson City Vampires, it is also the most upscale visitor accommodation to Tyson City.
Residents: Givon Sky Aster, Evelyn Adams, Tori Hamilton, Rupert Hamilton

This massive estate is located just on the outskirts of Tyson City, however, despite it's size, it can be difficult to find for those who have never visited before. Designed by the Alpha Male of the Guild of Artemis, Givon Sky Aster, the building in inspired largely by the Champagne Estate in Lake Tahoe. With a rustic feel, the mansion almost disappears within the forest that houses it. In addition to the building, the Moonlight Grotto is home to acres upon acres of land for the wolves of the guild to roam and run freely. With a few open spots, it is primarily thick forest, providing lots of coverage and privacy.

Notably on the Moonlight Grotto property there is a natural hot spring with cliff-like walls, creating a secluded area where the Moonlight Grotto gets it's name. Water pours down in stream-like waterfalls into the main pool. This area offers respite and relaxation, and is frequented enough by Givon that Evelyn had a small cabin personally built near by so that he could make weekend trips without having to venture back to the main house.

Employees: Stanley (deceased)

Pine Grove Cemetery is one of the oldest locations in Tyson City, though it sits just outside of the bustling metropolis. Early settlers of the area buried their dead here. Once wealthier people came to the area, more ornate grave stones, mausoleums and crypts were built to house the deceased elite. A certain calmness is said to be felt in the graveyard, as these are spirits that have properly been put to rest. The dead typically don't bother the dead, and this is often called one of the most peaceful, safe places in Tyson City.

The old grave keeper, Stanley, was found murdered in his home on the graveyard property, with his house looted. No one dares point any fingers, but you will here many hushed whispers incriminating The Shankhill Butchers, as they were seen on the premises a few nights before Stanley's body was discovered. The position has not yet been filled.

St. Mary's Church was one of the first community locations settled in Tyson City, and had seen various renovations before it was finally abandoned after the attack on the church. Originally Catholic faith, soon the people warmed to others, and it became a less specific, non denominational Christian church. All branches were welcome to all services and events.

The night of the attack on the church was Christmas Eve. In the middle of the sermon, a pack of werewolves now known as The Guild of Artemis, and a group of vampires burst through the doors and windows, slaughtering every man, woman and child on the premises. There were no survivors. This was one of many supernatural attacks that occurred that night, and has since been called The Uprising. After the carnage, the church was completely abandoned. Most of the dead were carried off by wild animals or other supernatural creatures, meaning several bodies were never recovered. They say you can still hear the shrieks and cries of the humans, and occasionally the breeze will carry the familiar metallic smell of blood.

Completely in disrepair, the church is incredibly unsafe to be. Because of it's condemned status, it is a popular spot for those that crave privacy, or the thrill of doing something unspeakable. Most windows have been boarded up or broken, with vines beginning to creep into the building through the cracks. Part of the roof near the head of the church has collapsed from water damage, meaning the insides of the church are susceptible to the weather outside. Some of the other small rooms, like the office and kitchen, are still whole, though they have been thoroughly ransacked through the years.

Medical Supervisor: Solomon St. James, PhD
Employees: Constance Warwick

Edgewater Asylum was constructed in the late 1900s on an island no more then a day’s trip from the Tyson City Bay. It’s design was done by two brothers who had envisioned the compassionate care and treatment of the mentally ill after losing their mother.

It’s original design was done by the youngest of the two brothers, Charles Anderson. He had planned ornate interiors, private rooms, and long, rambling wings that would let sunshine in.

Edgewater originally was meant to be an appealing place whose interiors promoted the health and wellbeing of its patients. Unfortunately, as the decades wore on, Charles Anderson’s influenced touched nothing but the main buildings floor plan.

The structure was only meant to contain 800 patients, but by the early 1930s it was home to more then 3,000, and the staff, whose size had remained relatively stable, were at a loss of how to control the patients who were sick and dirty from their lack of care— not to mention that it wasn’t uncommon for patients to randomly disappear, only to be found days later, rotting away, forgotten in a room…, and eventually, the eldest of the two brothers, Dr. Christopher Anderson, introduced the idea of solitary confinement, straight jackets, electroshock therapy (which was often overused as a means to control patients rather then a mode of treatment), and the lobotomy. Dr. Anderson fully believed that transorbital lobotomy was the cure for everything in a psychiatric patient. His staff used it as a form of treatment of things as little as a backache to something more severe like delusions and major depression. There were only a handful of patients who actually saw the benefits from the ‘so called miracle treatment’ while others had adverse effects. There were many visitors of Edgewater Sanitarium in the 1950s that described the patients as aimlessly wandering the halls, or vacantly staring at walls, which was perhaps a general result for both their poor treatment by the staff and the various medical interventions performed by Dr. Anderson.

There were several portions of the hospital shuttered starting in 1970, and by the early 1990s its campus was completely shut down. The building sat for years, empty, and eventually the property was bought by private investor(s). It wasn’t until recently, nearly a decade after ‘Second Uprising’ that rumors circulated about the reopening the asylum in hopes of reestablishing Charles Anderson vision. The private investors, Solomon St. James and Constance Dougherty, had their own vision for the island, and August, who proclaimed himself King of Tyson City, was a major benefactor in this vision.

Welcome to the Rise n’ Grind.

This quaint artisanal coffee shop can be found in the centre hub of Uptown Tyson City on the corner of 5th and Westminster Avenue. The owner, Ambrose Ashford has been in charge of this little gem of a store for almost three years now, taking it from a rundown coffee shop/diner and turning into the delight that is the Rise n’ Grind today, where he learnt his trade on the job and fell in love with creating the perfect cup of joe.

Ambrose buys his roasted beans direct from Colombia, preferring Arabica above all others, he creates his own roast blends which he uses in his authentic Italian barista machine.

But it’s not just coffee that he serves, although why you would want anything else is beyond me… but he also has a fine selection of loose tea, cocoa and was also one of the first business owners to serve Synth Blood in Tyson City, never one to turn down a customer no matter what their species.

So come on in today and try some damn fine coffee… because you never know, there could be bears around that corner!

Tyson City is full of life, but the world of Abyss expands beyond the city limits. The Uprising was a global event, and many places around the world were affected differently.